Saturday, December 1, 2012

Favorite Songs of 2012

2012 was an awesome year for singles. There were a lot of standout tracks on subpar records as well. Here are some of my favorites (in no particular order, for the most part):

1. Japandroids-The House That Heaven Build
when they love you, and they will
tell them all they'll love in my shadow
and if they try to slow you down
tell them all to go to Hell

2. fun.-Some Nights

the other night, you wouldn't believe the dream I just had about you and me
I called you up, but we'd both agree
it's for the best you didn't listen 
it's for the best we get our distance

3. Beach House-Myth
can't keeping hanging on to what is dead and gone
if you built yourself a myth
know just what to give
materialize or let the ashes fly

4.  Bat for Lashes-Laura
you'll be famous for longer than them
your name is tattooed on every boy's skin
oh, Laura, you're more than a superstar

5. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros-Man On Fire

6. Patrick Watson-Into Giants
 we carried our love in cups to go

7. Andrew Bird-Orpheo Looks Back
and if it drives you mad, it'll probably pass

8.  Grizzly Bear-Speak in Rounds

step down, just once
learn how to be alone

9. Dirty Projectors-Gun Has No Trigger
you hold the gun to your head 
but the gun has no trigger

10. Lana Del Rey-Born to Die
don't make me sad, don't make me cry
sometimes love's not enough and the road gets tough
I don't know why
keep making me laugh,
let's go get high
road's long, we carry on
try to have fun in the meantime

11.Tegan and Sara-Closer
all you think of lately is getting underneath me
all I dream of lately is how to get you underneath me

12. Maps & Atlases-Fever
we'll be extravagant hosts instead of imposing guests

13. Dan Deacon-True Thrush
hey there, old lady, sing me a song
sing of days gone by before it went wrong

14. Mika-The Origin of Love
you are the sun and light 
you are the freedom I fight
God will do nothing to stop it
the origin is you

15. Glen Hansard-High Hope  
maybe when we're both old and wise
maybe when our hearts have had some time
I'm gonna see you there

16.First Aid Kit-The Lion's Roar
and I'm a goddamn coward but then again so are you
17. Sigur Ros-Varuo

18. David Byrne and St. Vincent-Who

19. The Xx-Chained
we used to be closer than this

20. Calexico-Sinner In the Sea
there's a wall in the ocean between you and me
21.  Yeasayer-Reagan's Skeleton

22. Lost in the Trees-Red
unsitched on my porch
when did I stop learning

23. Titus Andronicus-In a Big City 
who would fardels bear to grunt and sweat
'neath a life that was so mundane? 

24. Animal Collective-Today's Supernatural

25. Dirty Projectors-About to Die
you're already dead

26. Father John Misty-Only Son of the Ladies Man

they tied down his casket with the garter belt
each troubled heart was beating in a sequin dress
someone must console these lonesome daughters
no written word or ballad will appease them

27. Fiona Apple-Anything We Want
and I kept touching my neck 
to guide your eye to where I wanted you to kiss me when we find some time alone

You'll notice I did not include any Mumford and Sons songs because well, as much as I love Babel (there, I said it, so shoot me), it's tough to pick one standout track on the record. Two-thirds of the album is filled with tracks that I can listen to ten times in a row without growing bored. I almost didn't include anything from Break It Yourself either because of how much I enjoy that record as a whole but I love "Orpheo..." too much to not include it.

Also, I tried to keep it to one track per artist or else I would've included most of Bloom, The Idler Wheel..., Celebration Rock, and Shields but those two Dirty Projectors' tracks are too good to ignore. 

One of my favorite, favorite, favorite most listened to tracks of 2012 was AC Newman's "Strings." Unfortunately, it is not on Youtube but you can listen to it here.

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