Friday, March 22, 2013

My beloved green iPod Nano, Geno, basically crapped out on me this week.

I had a feeling it was going to happen, especially since the back button had stopped working, but after five and a half years (which I am told made it ancient in the Apple world), it basically went to sleep and never woke up. Then it told me to connect to power, which I did, and then after it was charged, I couldn't turn it off. And that's where it stands now. Couldn't even pause a song.

(If you're wondering, "Anonanimal" was the most played track on it. The last song I listened to? "Backyard Skulls." I feel like there's some sort of poetry to those facts.)

These things happen, and although I basically grew to hate everything on it (I had been skipping through the 1100 songs on shuffle just so I could listen to "The Woodpile"), I am still pretty sad to see the little green guy go. Music is obviously important to me, and it's become the number one love in my life. And when I think back about all of the music that came and went on Geno, all of the obsessions I've had since 2007, I can't help but get nostalgic and just a little bit sad. This iPod is dead and I don't even have some of these songs anymore. I'll probably forget about some of them until they pop up on a Pandora station and I'll think, "oh, I haven't heard this song in forever." And wonder why I still don't listen to it.

So, I've been thinking back on all of the musical obsessions I had over the past five and a half years.

1. The Frames-I bought this iPod a day or so after I saw The Frames at Webster Hall. That was the best show I'd ever been to (until LCD Soundsystem at The Wellmont in 2010) and I was on such a Frames kick for a bit. Even though I don't listen to them much anymore (occasionally when they would pop up on my iPod), they're still my favorite band of all time. And Glen Hansard is a legend.

2. Tegan and Sara-I had been a pretty casual Tegan and Sara fan for a few years before The Con was released. And then The Con was released. Total obsession. Total need to consume all of their music. And boy, did I listen to a lot of them in 2007. Even saw them live (and it's one of my favorite shows to this day). I cooled off on them around the time of Sainthood (we can all agree it wasn't as good of a record, right?) and although I still adore them, and LOVE Heartthrob, I've been priced out of seeing them live and they're so popular, they're being covered on Glee.

3. Andrew Bird-It's a fierce and eternal love. Just ask my arm. But in all seriousness, there was an obscene amount of Birdman on my iPod.

4. The National-I secretly give The National a lot of shit, simply because their live shows just aren't there  but in 2010, they were my everything when it came to music. I'd be lying if I didn't say Matt Berninger's lyrics didn't have an impact on me, and The National are special because even though I've shared a bunch of my bands with her, they're the band I truly share with my best friend. And is there a better feeling than someone telling you, "You know that band you like? I like them too?"

5. LCD Soundsystem-As mentioned above, seeing LCD live was not only my favorite concert-going moment but a revelation. James Murphy is a god. The second-half of 2010 was dominated by LCD Soundsystem. Sadly, I find that their music doesn't hold up too well on repeat listens. But it's oh, so good.

6. Destroyer-I was pretty anti-Bejar until the release of Kapputt in 2011. I couldn't stand his voice. But then, I saw the light (and come on, that is a fucking incredible record). Wanna talk about lyrical geniuses. I binged on Destroyer for the first half of 2011 (I cooled off around the time I saw them live, which was a bizarre experience) but I am still prepared to lead the Cult of Bejar. I mean, have you heard a song better than "Bay of Pigs?"

7. Frightened Rabbit-Ah, Frightened Rabbit. I. Love. Frightened. Rabbit. Like it is an intense love, and I'll no doubt burn out on them in another month or so. But for now, I shall bask in how great I think they are. I mean, the other night I christened them my third favorite band. Of all time. A little premature, huh? Well, we'll see where this one takes us.

And you know, there was Japandroids and Beach House and Feist and Beirut and Bon Iver and The Avett Brothers and Devendra Banhart and so many other bands and artists that I obsessed over for a few weeks. So many phases, so many memories, all on one iPod.   

I filled up, or attempted to fill up, my new iPod and only managed to find 329 songs I wanted on it. That's a pretty drastic difference. But now that I think about it, it just means that I have to find new songs to make memories. Those other songs belong to the last five and a half years of my life.

Except "The Woodpile."     

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