Sunday, April 28, 2013

Top 10 Favorite Songs by The National

Did you read this list? Look, Stereogum, I tend to respect your content, and I think you're a great site. But what were you thinking with this list? (And as evident by the comments, a lot of people seem to agree with me.) I know these lists are subjective but I couldn't help but feel like this one was way, way off the mark. And it got me thinking about my favorite songs by The National. I've compiled my own list...

1. City Middle 
 I have weird memories of you
Wearing long red socks and red shoes
I have weird memories
I have weird memories of you
Pissing in a sink, I think
I have weird memories of you

2. The Geese of Beverly Road
We'll take ourselves out in the street
And wear the blood in our cheeks
Like red roses
We'll go from car to sleeping car
And whisper in their sleeping ears
We were here, we were here
We'll set off the geese of Beverly Road

3. Karen
Karen put me in a chair
Fuck me and make me a drink
I've lost direction and I'm past my peak 
I'm telling you this isn't me
No, this isn't me
Karen believe me you just haven't seen my good side yet

4. Fake Empire 
It's hard to keep track of you falling through the sky  

5. Slow Show
You know I dreamed about you for twenty-nine years before I saw you

6. England
Afraid of the house, stay the night with the cynics

7. Terrible Love 
It takes an ocean not to break

8. Runaway 
But I won't be no runaway
Cause I won't run
No, I won't be no runaway
What makes you think I'm enjoying being led to the flood?
We've got another thing coming undone
And it's taking us over

9. Cherry Tree 
Don't look at me
I'm only breathing
Don't look at me I'm indiscreet
Don't look at me
I'm only breathing
Don't look at me I'm indiscreet

10. All the Wine
I'm put together beautifully
Big wet bottle in my fist, big wet rose in my teeth
I'm perfect piece of ass
Like every Californian
So tall I take over the street, with high beams shining on my back
A wingspan unbelievable
I'm a festival, I'm a parade

This was pretty difficult to compile because I could've also added "Ada," "You've Done it Again, Virginia," and "Afraid of Everyone." Not to mention, I already love "Demons." And in a month, we'll have new songs that are going to come and fuck up this list.

And I hope they do.

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