Sunday, August 30, 2015

Song of the Week

This week was another tough one, simply because there were three songs I was really, really loving.

Destroyer's Poison Season was released on Friday, and while it's unfair to say that it's not Kaputt (Kaputt was truly a moment, a revelation, and I doubt Dan Bejar will ever make another Kaputt), I generally enjoy it. It is a little too lush, I think, and I'm not bowled over by the lyrics but I definitely like the record overall. It's going to take a bit more time and a few more listens to fall in love with but I do really, really love "Times Square," (also very fond of "Forces From Above" and "Sun in the Sky")  and it was a contender for Song of the Week but...

...the song I listened to the most this week was Frank Turner's "Josephine." I am really, really enjoying Positive Songs for Negative People. Like I mentioned in last week's post, the record just feels very lived in. Like I've been listening to it for months. Like it's an old favorite. Probably because Frank Turner is certainly one of my favorite musicians these days. "Josephine" is a fantastic song, I had it on repeat during a few nights this weeks, and I cannot wait to hear it live but...

...Depression Cherry was finally released this week! And I was still pretty obsessed with it all week, and it became the first new record of 2015 I purchased on vinyl! (I bought the Admiral Fallow record on mp3, if you're wondering.) And what a record it it! Velvet cover! Clear vinyl! Beautiful packaging for a beautiful collection of songs. Last week I wrote about "Space Song," and while I think every song on the record is fantastic, I really fell in love with "Bluebird" this week.

It's a beautiful song. I also realized that the eighth track on their records are always my favorite: "10 Mile Stereo" on Teen Dream, "Wishes" on Bloom, and now "Bluebird" (I also love that #8 on Devotion is a cover of "Some Things Last A Long Time," which was also covered by The Twilight Sad.) But like the best Beach House songs, "Bluebird" is an expression of longing. And I think that's what the band does best: express longing, and in turn, heartache. But they do it so beautifully.

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