Saturday, September 12, 2015

Song of the Week

Yes, yes, No No No was released this week but with these pesky new Friday release dates, it makes it difficult for a record to come out on a Friday, give it a good number of listens, and write about it a day or two later. I've listened to it once all the way through, and I am initially disappointed. First of, it's only nine songs,  twenty-nine minutes (and I thought Frank Turner's thirty-nine minute Positive Songs... was short!) Second, while "Gibralter" and "No No No" are such good songs, it seems like the rest of the record is just filler, sketches, ideas of songs. I don't mind the change in sound because I think Beirut is always changing but there aren't many complete ideas here. And that's disappointing when you've been waiting four years for a new record (and yeah, I understand what Zach Condon went through between The Riptide and this album, I totally get it.) I hope a) I grow to love it after a few more listens and b) it will lead to a new Beirut record sooner rather than later. I am not giving up on you quite yet, Condon!

Instead, this week's song is  "There's No One Crying Over Me Either" by American Wrestlers. I don't know much about American Wrestlers (I do know I enjoyed the tiny bit of their set I saw when they opened for Viet Cong) and I haven't given the rest of their record a proper listen but this song is terrific. It's hypnotic, and I just want to listen to it over and over again.


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