Sunday, September 27, 2015

Song of the Week

Sorry I didn't post last week. I didn't really have a song to write about. Last week was dominated by seeing the revival of Spring Awakening and reliving/weeping for my lost youth (and Moritz Steifel) and then having my faith (no pun intended) restored in the American play/theater/the written word by Lucas Hnath's The Christians at Playwrights Horizons. Seriously, go see that play. It's one of the better written plays I have seen in a long, long time,


This week belonged to Chvrches. Their new record, Every Eye Open is like an assault of electro-pop goodness. I'm still navigating the second half of the album but overall, I think it's terrific. It's kind of reductive to say it's more of the same from Chvrches but it is. They have quickly established their sound and mastered it. And lucky for them, it's a sound I really, really love (as evident from my love of Tegan and Sara, Ellie Goulding, Sia, etc.) I think it's more immediate than The Bones of What You Believe (and I ended up loving that record) and there's real sense of urgency and energy throughout. Do I want them to change up their sound? Did I expect them to? No and no. Keep on keeping on, Chvrches. And not to mention, Lauren Mayberry sounds really, really fantastic. I really just want to shout/sing along with her.

So this week's song is "Leave a Trace." Now this is a fantastic pop song. I dare you not to listen to it a thousand times in a row.

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